Parker McCollum In Concert

with Randall King and Special Guest James Lee Band
Date:  Saturday, August 1 -  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $30.00 advanced - $35.00 at the door

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Parker McCollum

Parker McCollum comes from a particular type of family - the no-nonsense, hard working kind. His was the sort of upbringing where "if you're going to do something and you're not going to do it one-hundred percent you shouldn't do it all." It's why the 26-year-old singer-songwriter treats each song he writes with a painstaking level of dedication, reverence, respect and, as he'll readily admit, even a bit of obsession. McCollum says that when a particular melody or lyric or emotion is tugging at him, hell, he might just stay in his room for days at a time working it out. He can't help himself.

That's because for the Austin-based singer and multi-instrumentalist the end result is worth the occasional pain in the process. "That's where I find my identity," McCollum, who broke out with the revealing and critically adored 2013 debut The Limestone Kid and now returns with his highly anticipated follow-up album, Probably Wrong, says of penning soul-baring, honest and forthright Americana anthems. "It just takes over," he says of the songwriting muse and, one senses, his ever-winding, sometimes" "gut-wrenching journey as an introspective musician." "I didn't choose this life. It chose me."